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This is a photo of the owner of Sunny Brews Apothecary.

Who's Behind the Biz: the Top Dog, the Big Cheese, the Leader of the Pack…

Hi, that’s me! My name is Sandy, and I am the owner of Sunny Brews Apothecary. This quote puts me at ease.

“Into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul” by John Muir. 

I have an affinity for nature, it has always been a part of me.  As a kid, I was outside more than inside playing in the woods and fields exploring nature. My love of nature has continued throughout my life and spilled over into products I use.  I do not need, nor want, 20 different products to use on my skin. I was already growing many different herbs and medicinal plants in my garden (another love of mine) and wanted to learn more. 

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My Story

In the early 2000s this lead me on a journey of training in aromatherapy and herbalism to learn more about these amazing botanicals that nature has to offer us.  I earned my certification as a Clinical Aromatherapist from Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy.  I loved it so much, that I continued my education in aromatic medicine, aroma psychology, product safety, product formulation, and more. I went on to study herbalism with the “Godmother of Herbalism” Rosemary Gladstar who will convert you to a plant lover even if you hate them.  She is an amazing mentor. I've also studied with other amazing herbalists such as Rosalee de la Foret, jim mcdonald, Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, and many more.

There is so much to learn about botanicals (plants, herbs, mushrooms, roots, and more) that you could spend a lifetime and still not know everything. Learning and researching botanicals became a passion for me that will continue throughout my life. The next best thing to learning about these plants is making products and sharing the information I have learned.  This is why Sunny Brews Apothecary was born. I make products for myself, family, and friends, and I also sell in a few local shops and on the website.

Living in rural Missouri allows me the opportunity to wildcraft and grow many of the herbs I use in my products.  Other ingredients like butters, carrier oils, and essential oils are naturally derived, responsibly sourced, organic when possible, and never tested on animals. I have committed to only using quality, sustainable, ethical ingredients in my products. Sunny Brews Apothecary has so much to offer.

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While it truly is simple to make amazing natural products we can use every day that are fresher, healthier, and better for our skin, there are times you just want to purchase the finished product.  Natural ingredients have shelf lives, you need space to store the ingredients, a sanitary workspace, and storage of finished product.  In some cases, it is more reasonable to purchase the finished product. We've got you covered either way with our resources and our shop. 

So, to recap, me in a nutshell…

I have an affinity for nature and herbalism is my jam. I LOVE working with plants and naturally derived ingredients that are good for us and easy on the environment. I offer my customers Clean Beauty products (free from toxic ingredients, transparent labels, sustainable, and environmentally friendly), educational resources, and dot, dot, dot (to leave it open for whatever other topic I'd like to share in the future.


I am so happy you are here! Who knows, you may find your favorite product or formula of all time with us.  Either way, welcome to the Sunny Brews Apothecary family, I hope you stick around and check us out!


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